Water Songs™ Water Crystal Glassware

Water connects us all and it is time for us to connect with water in a new paradigm through its own language.

Change your water, Change the world, Be the change.

WaterSongs OnLineThe water crystals portrayed on our glassware are a translation of the vibrations of the words, ideas, and emotions they represent. They are recognized as such by the water within you as you focus on them and by the water in your beverage that is poured into a Water Songs glass.

When you choose to accept, honor and match your tone to a crystal, you summon these vibrations to yourself. Each person who does this calls upon the Universe to open new pathways for these vibrations. The vibration builds instantly drawing harmonious notes together and creating song. The harmonics sing out and touch all that resonates with it.

This is done one person at a time. This is the nature of harmonics; this is the nature of our being. This is the nature of this work. To feel the song in our hearts and share these songs through the fabric of space and time, we help restore our planetís vibration.

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